Irathient Writing

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Irathient Writing

Much of what is currently available has not been 'officially' translated or confirmed. But still there is some that has been, and much can be assumed. Also at this time there is little known about the phonology of these characters.

Irathient is read left to right (like English) but has significantly more characters in total. Being a base 20 number system, it also of course has a lot more characters for numbers. It is an Abugida style of writing, where a character or glyph represents a vowel-consonant sequence as a single character. Irathient script is a lot more flowing and irregular than Castithan script.

The official font used in the show/game has not be released.

Examples of Irathient

Abbie Ira.png
"Abbie" in Irathient script

Chase Ira.png
"Chase" in Irathient script

Guillermo Ira.png
"Guillermo" in Irathient script

Sonia Ira.png
"Sonia" in Irathient script

Handwritten Irathient.jpg
Handwritten Irathient from Irisas' diary.